Sunday, June 18, 2023

Sweet Alexandria (Lexi)

 I got another puppy...

Left to right: Sweet Alexandria (Lexi) and Ripley

Lexi's owner sadly passed away unexpectedly. She was a Bernese Mountain Dog breeder and had six dogs that her family needed to get into homes. A friend in our neighborhood puppy play group saw a posting on Facebook, forwarded it to our puppy play group chat, and got me in touch with the poster. In less than 24 hours I went from being a single dog family to having two dogs.

Lexi is a sweet puppy but unfortunately has apparently not had a lot of formal obedience training. She's smart so I don't expect it to take her too long to learn. She is very excitable though.

The dogs had unfortunately been kept in squalid conditions. She smelled very bad when we brought her home and despite us giving her a quick bath and taking her to a professional groomer she still has some grime deep in her coat.

It took her a week to get over having her life upended and to be somewhat comfortable in our house. It took another week for her personality to come out.

She's a really sweet dog and is fitting in great with Ripley, our three cats, and the neighborhood doggie play group. (oh, and she's five years old and not technically a puppy any more).