Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dresser, part 10 - Shelves

The dresser is almost done, just need to build, finish and install a couple of shelves. I had a few minutes today after fiddling with stuff in the workshop I cut a couple of pieces of 3/4" maple plywood to size.

To avoid glue squeeze out I cut some shallow grooves just a hair inside the edge. The when the glue gets trapped in the grooves rather than squeezing out. I cut these a little deeper than I intended but they'll work anyway.

I got one of the edges clamped on tonight and I'll do the other one tomorrow.

The clamping blocks help center the edging on the shelf; however, you can see in the picture I needed a couple of extra clamps to keep the top of the edging flush.

The clamping blocks are lined with plastic packing tape just in case there is any glue squeeze out.

The weather has been pretty variable lately so I don't know when I'm going to get them finished but after getting the other shelf glued I'll just move them to my finishing room to wait good weather.