Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Covid 19 week 8 - small progress

It's week 8 of the NYS Pause and Andrew Cuomo - our governor - has laid out the reopening plan. Each region of the state is going to reopen at its own pace depending on how the hospitals are doing and how much new infection occurs. Our region - the Finger Lakes - meets all 7 of the criteria needed for reopening so we'll probably see some changes in the near future. Chances are I'll be in one of the last few groups to be brought back into the office as I can do my job perfectly well from home but we'll see.


This last weekend I did very little in the shop. I milled the material for the console console door down to final dimensions but that was about it. Oh, I made a pizza...

I finally found an adequate pizza dough recipe. The dough stretched fine and it crisped up very nicely. The flavor was adequate so I'm going to keep looking but I'm happy enough with this recipe.

Monday evening, I made a plywood box. My wife has been playing Arena Rex - which is meant to be played in person - via text messages. It's set up on my finishing table which works fine but the cats like walking through the playing area and move pieces and sometimes break things. So, I made a box with an interior dimensions of 32" x 32" x 4.5". I used random pieces of plywood I found in my shop. The bottom is 3/4" ply, the top is 1/2" ply and the sides are both 3/4" and 1/2" as that's what I had in scrap. I made a couple of handles for the top out of 3/4" plywood using my handle template.

No pictures right now. Maybe I'll grab some later.