Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Covid 19 week 15 - More finishing

Covid 19 update...  New York State is still reopening slowly. Pretty much all of NYS is in phase 4 which allows most businesses to be open. We can actually go into stores now to buy things. Most are requiring people to wear masks and in the limited times I've been out with just a few exceptions people are doing that.

This last weekend was beautiful. There was some intermittent rain but the temperatures were quite mild for this time of year. I started putting my normal wipe on polyurethane on the top, the case, and one of the shelves. I would have liked to do everything at once but I just don't have enough room in my garage nor do I have enough horizontal surfaces to lay everything out at once. I got about five coats on over the weekend, and a couple more coats on yesterday and today.

The carcass is done excepting the bottom. Yeah okay...  I know that means the carcass isn't done. I've done all the delicate parts that need to have care taken to make sure I don't get drips, sags, etc. I cannot just slop it on the bottom but I'll have to be really sloppy to make a mistake now.

The shelf is done. Sure it could use another couple of coats but it's done enough. It's going to be inside a cabinet behind a door.

The top isn't done yet. It's gotten as many coats as the carcass and  the shelf but it's going to suffer the most use and abuse. I want the top to have a nice thick coat of polyurethane to protect it. Might be a little overkill since it already has nicks and dents that were me making boneheaded mistakes during construction. But that's water under the bridge. May as well protect it from future dents and dings.

That's pretty much all the woodworking I got done over the weekend. We had multiple puppy play dates. I mowed my yard. I cleaned my workshop. I got other stuff done, it just wasn't an all-woodworking all-the-time weekend. It's summer time here in upstate New York and I've got to enjoy the weather while it is here.

Since it is summer I'm past the end of my woodworking season which is typically November through May though I have to admit I usually go a bit long due to over committing to projects. While I wont be spending as much time in my shop over the next few months I still need some small projects for bad weather days. I need to finish putting false fronts on the trays in my wife's storage cabinet. I've got a cup holder a friend asked me to build for him. Oh, and some picture frames. These projects should be sufficient for awhile anyway.

The last consideration I have is what to do with the temporary console I built as a prototype. I had two different takers for my temporary console but both people backed out. One of them got another piece of real furniture, the other decided it wasn't nice enough. So be it...  It's served its purpose which was to see if the proportions I picked were adequate and pleasing. I don't really need another horizontal surface in my house so I'm probably going to break it down into scrap wood.

So next is probably another week of polyurethane. I've got to make the glass stops for my door. I need to decide if I want to buy the only piece of textured glass my glass guy has or if I am going to use the piece of plexiglass I bought a few weeks ago at home depot.

What? No pictures again?


I'll post pictures in a couple of weeks when everything has been poly'd and assembled.