Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Yup, still here...

 It's spring / almost summer here in Upstate New York. I've got yard work, my day job has been busy... It's not my fault!  :)

Anyway, the workbench is done. I need to finish up the series I have on that. I'm currently working on refinishing a table I got off the curb last summer. It was a cheap piece of furniture that then got painted...  poorly... I stripped the paint and the original finish using my random orbit sander. Took me about three hours to do a poor job of it. Mostly I just didn't do a good job of cleaning up the swirl marks from the 60 grit I used for stripping everything.

Anyway, I'll hopefully get some pictures of that here sometime soon. I don't think I have any pictures showing how bad the original finish was but that's okay. It looks decent now.

What I do have for today is an update to my workshop floor plan. Here's the old one I used to plan everything years ago.

And here's the new one:

My friend Jon was asking how big my shop was and I knew I had a diagram on my blog so I looked it up. I was disappointed to see how old it was. I already had a Visio diagram of my basement, it was even mostly up to date. I just had to fix some of the measurements that were "off" and add the new tools since I'd last updated the floor plan (router table and hand tool workbench).

Yes, I would love to have a couple thousand square feet for my shop. I'm also grateful that I have what I have. Left side of the stairs is what I call my primary shop, the right side of the stairs is what I called either my secondary shop or the annex.

I don't do any woodworking in the annex. That is all wood and mobile tool storage. When I want to use one of the tools that is stored in the annex I roll it over into the primary workshop. Woodworking has become so much more enjoyable since I got all my space back.