Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dresser, Part 6 - Catching up on progress

I may have been silent on my blog for the last two weeks but I have been making sawdust and progress on the dresser. There's a bit too much to catch up in one post so I'm going to break it up.

First, the dresser!

The dresser is in the finishing stage so it is a lot of putting a little bit of finishing and then waiting for it to dry. I finished putting polyurethane on the dresser carcass and moved it into my bedroom. It isn't quite ready for use yet but it is shoved off to the side with the drawer boxes in it for storage.

I reconfigured the finishing room for small parts and brought the drawer fronts and the door up from the workshop. My finishing area is basically an unused bedroom with a couple of tarps covering the floor from drips and spills. My finishing area is an old hollow core closet door on a couple of sawhorses except now that I have my saw ponies I replaced the plastic sawhorses which are going to my garage for other uses.

My finishing table was just large enough to get all the drawer fronts and the door onto but I also found out that I didn't have enough finishing pyramids. I thought it was just clamps I needed more of. Huh... But I stopped by Woodcraft and picked up another pack. I put a coat of Danish Oil on it all this last weekend and now I'm just letting it dry. They should be ready for polyurethane this coming weekend.

I haven't started building the top yet. I'll probably start that this weekend. It'll take me a couple of days to build the top so I should have the drawer fronts and door out of the finishing room in time to start putting finish on the top.

So, one more week for finishing the drawer fronts and door, two weeks for putting finish on the top and then the dresser will be done. After five years, three weeks doesn't seem so bad.